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We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing VIP Taxi

1) Fill out the above form with the passenger's details, account PIN, and click the Authorize Trip & Send Instructions button.
2) The passenger will receive a text message from VIP Taxi that informs them the trip is paid courtesy of your business:
Once the passenger taps the link to open it, they will see basic instructions on what to do next:
The passenger taps the button for the next step and they're taken to a page where they enter the VIP Taxi vehicle number that they stepped into and finally tap to redeem:

That's it! The driver, dispatcher, and billing department are all informed of the voucher redemption. The passenger gets a final courtesy text message welcoming them to Phoenix along with a tracking link map so they may stay informed of the route they're taking and the estimated time of arrival to your business.

Billing & Invoicing: Unredeemed trips are not charged to your account. Only trips that are redeemed by the passenger are invoiced to you. For example, if you created (100) digital vouchers and only (2) were redeemed, you will only be billed for those two that were redeemed.

Availability: VIP Taxi is available at the curb within Sky Harbor's terminals 24 hours per day. If for any reason a VIP Taxi is not at the curb, the taxi line starter is required by Sky Harbor Ground Transportation to allocate a VIP Taxi from the taxi holding lot or from a different terminal to satisfy the rider's request.

Authorization Errors: If your account number was used but the PIN was not correct, an E-mail will be sent to the account holder and the trip will not be authorized. If a mistake was made, please re-submit the request so it can be authorized.

General Errors or Changes: Please re-submit the form with the newest correct information.

Additional Questions: Please call (480) 833-8333 for VIP Taxi Corporate Dispatch Service.